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We're Back!

The 2023-2024 scholarship season is here!

New requirements & applications will be posted SOON! Keep checking back for updates!

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Stay tuned for an exciting announcement of our new project, coming soon!

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Welcome to
The Michael J. Lightfoot Legacy Scholarship

"It is up to you to contribute some small part to a program of human betterment."


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The Michael J. Lightfoot Legacy Scholarship was established in 2022, after the passing of our beloved father and grandfather.  Michael J. Lightfoot believed that anyone can and should make a positive difference in the lives of others. His actions matched his beliefs, through his generous giving to various charities committed to fighting to end homelessness,  and promote social justice and education for all.  He was determined to do his part to improve the human condition.  The family established this scholarship in order to continue his legacy of philanthropy.  Our goal at the Michael J. Lightfoot Legacy Scholarship is to be a financial resource to ease the burden of education.  We wish to give our scholars the opportunity to improve their lives through the gift of education.  Our hope is that our scholars will make a difference in their families, communities and the world; and leave  the world better because they existed, just as Michael did.

With love,

The Lightfoot Family

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Nicole L. Lightfoot


Alexis N. Allen


Crystal M. Lightfoot


Jaelin M. Taylor

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Jimmy L. Phillips

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Michael J. Lightfoot

Michael was ambitious and curious as a child.  He was a decorated boy scout and he demonstrated the values of thrift, bravery, reverence and loyalty throughout his life.  He graduated from the University of the District of Columbia, with a degree in Computer Science in the 1970’s.  Michael traveled to California to begin his career and his family.  He was a devoted father of 3, grandfather of 9 and great grandfather to 3. His family was his pride and joy and he generously sowed into each and every one of their lives.  Michael began his career as a computer programmer and climbed the ranks within his profession at a time when opportunities in that profession were scarce for people of color.  Throughout his career he was a mentor to many employees and was generous with his time and knowledge.  He was a leader who balanced results with compassion and was always ready to lend a helping hand. He finished a successful career as a senior vice president at a major corporation.  He is fondly remembered by his colleagues, friends and family. He was smart. He was funny. He was kind, and he will forever be our hero.

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